Sudsy Bucket Special Offers

1. Free Sudsiest Wash When You Sign Up on Washify App

Sign up on Washify with a valid email address and earn FREE CAR WASHES (1 free Sudsiest Wash with initial sign up)

Every time you buy a wash on the Washify app, it will add points onto your account which you can use for free washes.

Get the Washify App at Google Play Get the Washify App at Apple Store

Already enrolled on the Washify app: Check out the Updated Version

See Loyalty Program for point system

2. Discount for Military and First Responders

Wash Club Plan for military and 1st responders for Sudsiest Wash only $27.99 per month. (regular price $32.99)

3. Family Discount (not available online)

Get $8 off the Sudsiest and Sudsier Wash Club Plan on additional vehicles. (must use the card on file - not available online)