Clean Cars, and Happy Customers - Our Commitment to you

Welcome to the Sudsy Bucket Auto Wash, where we pride ourselves on giving you the best experience possible, including

Fast Friendly Service

Hot Water washes during cold weather

7 Self Serve Wash Bays

10 Self Serve Vacuum 

A wide variety of self serve products to meet your needs - Air Freshners, Super Truck Towels, Wet Towel, Armor All Spray etc. 

Our tunnel is open 8 AM - 6 PM 7 days a week, and our self serve bays are open&n


Washify App: Free Sudsiest wash when you sign up



   Loyalty Program - Sign up on Washify with a valid email address and earn FREE CAR WASHES (1 free Sudsiest Wash with initial sign up)

   Every time you buy a wash on the Washify app, it will add points onto your account which you can use for free washes.  


                                                                                   See below for point system     (signing up does not earn points towards free returns) 



                                                                                                      BASIC WASH: Earns 1 point per wash - Earn points towards bigger washes
                                                                                                      SUDSY WASH: Earns 2 points per wash - 10 points = free wash 
                                                                                                       SUDSIER WASH: Earns 3 points per wash - 15 points = free wash 


                                                                                                        SUDSIEST WASH: Earns 4 points per wash - 20 points = free wash















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